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x ( mallynapping ).

[ it's difficult to catch a jedi knight off guard, but the droids somehow manage to do so and escape the notice of his senses until it's too late. he puts up a fight, but in the end they manage to subdue him and the only signs of a struggle is the flattened grass and an uprooted tree lying on it's side from where they grabbed him in forest while he was meditating. his journal is left behind, as is his lightsaber. ]

ix (video).

[ the last experiment had left a bitter taste in his mouth and sent him temporarily down a spiral of self-loathing for what he did to padmé. the logical half of him knew that it wasn't his fault, that it was the will of this place and that he shouldn't be held accountable for anything he did while under the affects of an experiment, but at the same time, he felt that there was more he could've done to stop himself from being affected. he was the chosen one, after all (or supposed to be; some days he believed it, others he didn't) and had this great destiny. he was supposed to restore the balance of the galaxy, but he couldn't resist the affects of a measly experiment?

he'd spent a while meditating on it. ...well, okay, a combination of meditating and venting somewhere where he couldn't accidentally hurt anyone by lashing out unintentionally in someone's direction. he needed the alone time and while he certainly wasn't calmed down all the way, he was better. and better was good for anakin. better, he could do.

especially now that he had his lightsaber back. that was certainly a beacon of bright light amongst all this-- no pun intended. and he'd signed up to fight. as much as he didn't care for this place or its battles, he was itching for a fight, to get back on the battlefield. after nearly two years at war, not being so was...weird. ]

This whole place is weird.

[ he takes a step back and holds his right, gloved hand up, the silver pummel of his weapon in his clutches. pressing his thumb to the trigger, he activates the blue blade, but doesn't swing it, content for the moment with taking comfort in its light and dull hum. ]

viii (video).

[ anakin sighs and put's a hand to the right side of his face, fingers pressing into his temple near the scar he earned from a close call with one of asajj ventress' lightsabers. he looks rather exasperated and almost in pain. which he is, as all this lovey-dovey chaos in the force is giving him a headache-- and pissing him off, as he feels it's all mocking him and shoving what he doesn't have here and has to hide in his world back in his face. ]

My brain is going to start dribbling out of my ears before this day is over.

[ ooc | anakin's affected and taken by tifa, but bothering from others is welcomed! ]

vii (voice).

[ patience. that's what obi-wan would suggest in a situation like this. patience. but, patience was something that anakin skywalker had never been very fond of or good at and now certainly wasn't helping him get any better at it. if anything, it was making his impatience worse. this place was a brick wall, an impenetrable wall the jedi general couldn't climb over, dig under, or slam through like he felt he should be able to. and it was slowly driving him mad. he could only feign patience, calm and content for so long and he was slowly reaching his boiling point. he was a notorious bottler of emotions and after four months of sitting around and exercising and infuriating amount of patience, that bottle was dangerously close to overflowing.

he had things to do. a war to fight. a padawan to train. anakin had heard whispers of time standing still when one was taken, but he couldn't help but wonder...and wonder and doubt were two of his greatest failings, for they led to his mind wandering to areas that were dangerously close to a line he shouldn't cross, let alone be near. he'd crossed that line once, when he'd slaughtered that village of tusken raiders after his mother died... he promised himself he never would again, but that line was so tempting now.

what if, he wondered. what if he-- ]

No. I can't. I won't.

[ because he was stronger. better than that. he wasn't dooku, wasn't a weak minded so-called "idealist" who was oblivious to his own foolishness. he knew better. temptation would be there, but it was a temptation he would resist. ]

Patience. I just need to be patient.

[ and he would. until his impatience got the better of him, which thankfully wasn't now. ]


[ snow. always with weather extremities. sun or snow or water-- he was tired of worlds like this. as much as he hated sand, he was accustomed to desert climates and weather like this bothered him more than he was willing to admit. the chill of space he could tolerate, but a blizzard was a whole 'nother story. it made him more irritable than usually, made him retreat deeper into his hyperawareness. he'd indulge in meditation if it weren't so cold. ]

Snow. Why does it always have to be snow?


[ anakin has been reading and listening to the tales about christmas and particularly the man, this son of god, who the day surrounds and finds himself feeling a little more than uncomfortable with the stories. a man born of a woman who wasn't impregnated? a boy who had a destiny that couldn't be fought? it hits a little too close to home for his comfort and he finds himself fuming angrily after too much thought on the subject (it never bode well for him to think so hard on it, which is why he tended to ignore the prophecy and him being the so-called chosen one most of the time; it was easier that way, for him and for those around him).

he stands out in the snow, as if waiting for something to come along and present him with the opportunity to let some of this anger out. if there was one thing the war back home was good for, it was giving him an endless supply of battle droids to cut down and rip to pieces whenever he felt the need to just tear something apart. here, that wasn't so easy.

with a grunt of frustration, anakin waves a hand to the left, sending a wave of snow that was previously on coating the ground away so that he may glare properly at the frozen dirt beneath his feet. feel free to find yourself drenched in snow or be witness to his hissy fit. ]


[ despite the weather, anakin's outside working with the sword he picked up off his costume from the events on that holiday he still doesn't completely understand. as much as the day annoyed him, he's not complaining about it too much now, being that it's provided him with a weapon he knows how to use. it's taking some adjusting to, however, as the lightsaber styles he's mastered were made for a lightsaber and being that the weapon is virtually weightless, working with a weapon that is makes for adjusting moves here and there and making a mental note about it and hoping he'll recall the tweaks in a pinch.

he tossed the blade into the air and caught it with the now gloved mechanical hand (the glove was also thanks to the costume), moving carefully through the steps of a warm-up exercise he'd adapted from lightsaber form to better fit the sword a few days earlier. the sword would do. for now. ]


[ anyone who happens to come across the bridge situated across the river between houses twelve and fifteen this afternoon will find one anakin skywalker tinkering with his right arm -- the false, mechanical one. he's doing so with a small metal file, something that may seem frustrating given the look upon his face, but is actually rather enjoyable for him. life's simple when he's fixing things. even here. ]